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 Parenian Novel #1: Little Fauna

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PostSubject: Parenian Novel #1: Little Fauna   Parenian Novel #1: Little Fauna Icon_minitimeThu Oct 04, 2007 8:25 pm

Parenian Novel #1: Little Fauna

This is one of the many "novels" I have written, I will be posting 1 of 4 small chapters each 2 days or so, so for those who like to read, this is for you, I hope you enjoy and if you don't read then don't post anything, if you are interested and read it you are welcome to comment, thanks. (Hopefully this has more attention in here, since we are all enclosed and together...Sorry about the script/play style I used)

Chapter 1: The Trial

At the east of Vanayún... lagoon, jungle and, forest natives are masters of a very apt land in which they live in harmony; each tribe with their own correspondant territory, without the need of being living together among other tribes. The natives have long since been living in this manner and have prohibited the trespassing of other tribes into their territories. These laws caused 6 curious, adventurous infants of different tribes to bore of their way of living; playing with their own same tribes no different than any other in it, with no different ideas, no different colors, accents, etc. so then they would each exit their territories to take a walk, when thanks to pure casualty, all 6 would find themselves and would commence to know each other and their friendship and trust would grow more and more. One of them; a female, was part of a far away tribe unkown to all of them, her name was Oruba, she is not at all as she appears to be and is very unpredictable.
Oruba: *to the infants* I am from the Salums tribe.
Infants: Ohhhhhhh
Tekhorii:*To Oruba* Hmmm..Yes, I have heard of your tribe before, I heard also that you are very hard workers.
Tekhorii is the oldest of the 6, he's somewhat buffed, and round around the waist.
Conito:*to the sky* How I long to swim!!
As you can see, Conito loves the water; he's the best swimmer of the 6
Licheca: *To Conito* What does THAT have to do with anything?!
Even though she's the youngest, Licheca is a master of controversy, action and intrigue.
Muñiña(Pronounced Moo-nyi-nya): Oh, please, don't fight...We have enough discussions with our parents and other adults.
Muñiña is a very shy and timid infant, and unfortunately, she's blind.
Xinté: Muñiña is right...And there's something we have do for this to end! They can't be separeated our whole lives.
Xinté is the most valiant and occurent of the 6 infants.

In no time at all, these infants become inseparable, they tried to abolish these laws, but with no result, the adults would ignore all talk of "law abolishment"
Then one day, Xinté decided to escape with all of his 5 infant friends to a place where they would live all in harmony as one tribe, with no laws to follow, but the adults discovered their little plan and, shocked, prepared a court in which they would decide what to do with these "little ones"
Judge: Order!! *hammers* order in the court!*
For the first time in so many years, the infants saw all the tribes united at the court, but each one in each correspondent tribe seats.
Lichecha: *murmuring to Conito* what, do we have to do this all the time for the adults to come together? *Conito snickered*
Fiscal: All right...We have here six little ones who have ignored and broken our laws deliberatedly more than once...
After a while, all the infants would only hear a "blah blah blaaa" coming out of the Fiscal, except for Oruba who explained the reason as to why they would run away. The infants stayed loyal to their ideas: to escape, they insisted until the judge would propose that if they wanted to go, they would have to return with proof that "out there" is a far better place than the one they live in, if they do not return with that proof, they would live forever with those laws with no whining and no escaping ever again, but if they did find proof, they would be free to go live there freely. The whole court fell silent after hearing this. The Fiscal said to the judge furiously: No! what are you doing!?
Judge: Order! *to the Fiscal* take your seat!
The fiscal, angry, returned to his seat, and would start to seem preoccupied.
Judge: I give the verdict to the jury to decide the destiny of these young ones. You have one day. Court suspended! *hammering*
The infants had happy faces because they would finally have the possibility to do something they wanted to do together, but the court had faces of compassion and grief *murmurring: But, how could that judge do that?! I wish the jury negates the proposal...*
The families of each of the 6 infants would ask "why?" they do this and would obligate them to not do it and to stay, and would no longer permit them to see each of the infants...But the infants were different now, they were growing, and were very close to their ideals and dreams, desires and ambitions...and the parents had to accept it.
The next day, the jury announced that the verdict was approved...The court fell silent again, then various mothers fainted. All 6 infants would say good-bye to their parents and older siblings, who gifted them an immense quantity of food and things they would need for their voyage...
Fiscal:*To the judge* But..what if something happens to them?
Jugde: Of course not...When they discover the truth...they will return...This will teach the stubborn a lesson.


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Parenian Novel #1: Little Fauna
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