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 RolePlayGame-Medieval Times

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PostSubject: RolePlayGame-Medieval Times   Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:05 pm

This is the RPG game where you act as someone in the "Medieval Times". This game includes villagers, mystical beasts, mages, ext. You can lead the characters with a story.
You can level up in the RPG and boost 3 area of your stats by one(Magic +1 weapons +1 and something else +1 or you can mix them magic +3 or magic +2 and weapons +1).In order to level up though you need to defeat
others to gain exp.

Level list-
5-6: 120
6-7: 300
7-8: 550
8-9: 850
9-10: 1200
10-11: 1600
11-12: 2150
12-13: 2650
13-14: 3100
Thats it for right now...

Icyoooppplaa/Yeti/RPG-MT Master

If you find a monster on this list that is on your ranking( If Im level 20 then I can fight level 20+ monsters) and in your area(Cow found in fields) then you can attack it for exp.
You can only have 1 battle after 3(1st killed cow, 2nd make story, 3rd make story, 4th kill cow)
You can only kill an enemy with your stats
example:I have 3 magic and a cow has 20 health. I use a magic spell and then -3 happens so the cow has 17 HP. You must post the whole battle until the end.

Mouse(5+) Found anywhere

Cow(Level 5-10) Found in fields

Villager(Level 5-10) Found in towns

Goblin(Level 10-15) Found in fields and forest

Baby Squid(Level 10-20) Found Underwater

Giant Spider(20-25) Found in forest

1. List everything about your stats to make it in the list for your main entry
2. Your stats must add up to 50 when you join.

I'll start...

It's cold and dark outside tonight. Icy the Yeti is hiding
in the snow, waiting for prey to come. Icy then sees someone
coming but it is to dark to make out what or who it was...

Name: Jared Abrams
Main Mii Code: 0811-8939-9458
GH3 FC: 519808586578 PM if added
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PostSubject: Re: RolePlayGame-Medieval Times   Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:50 pm

Ok, here we go:

Name: Dal
Type: Wolf(Fire)
Level: 5
Spells: Fire Bite, Fire Breath, Fire Claw
Weapons: Claws, Teeth
Armor: ?
Speed: 13
Strength: 13
Weapons: 0
Health: 13
EXP: 0 Next Level: 120

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RolePlayGame-Medieval Times
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